Bad Dream Sprinkles Review

Bad Dream Sprinkles Review

Nightmares are unpleasant for anyone and especially for children.  Bad Dream Sprinkles is an all-natural remedy, that will help children get back to sleep on a nightly basis if they suffer from nightmares.

Parents using these sprinkles are finding that they work quickly to get their child back to a restful and peaceful sleep.

How does it work and does it work:

These tiny particles can be placed directly on the child’s tongue, usually 10 minutes after a meal or 30 minutes after brushing teeth.

If the child awakes during the night Bad Dream Sprinkles can be used again in the middle of the night if the child wakes up due to a bad dream and then repeated 10-15 minutes later.

The results are in and these sprinkles have been proven to work in quieting children down to get to sleep and when it comes to comforting a child after a bad dream there is no greater miracle remedy.

Parents have commented that their children go back to sleep with in just a few minutes of receiving the sprinkles and they don’t even remember waking up to the bad dream.  The consensus is that these remedy really does work and that families are getting back to sleep!

The best way to use this is to use it nightly over a period of time to start regulating the restful sleep.

Safety Information In Our Bad Dreams Sprinkles Review:

Parents want to make sure that the products they give their children are perfectly safe and just as effective.  Those children who are 6 months and older who suffer from nightly anxieties or bad dreams can definitely benefit from these Bad Dream Sprinkles.  Because they are all natural there are no harmful or habit forming substances in these products they are safe and come highly recommended by parents who have used this product.

The other safety concern for many parents is how to give these sprinkles to their children, and the truth is it is easy.  They dissolve completely on the child’s tongue with no discomfort or frustration.

Benefits of Bad Dream Sprinkles

Parents using this product are completely satisfied with the results they bring to their children.  Going back to sleep after a night mare has never been easier on the child and their families.  Those parents whose children have anxiety due to night mares or other night time stresses also are pleased with how well their child falls asleep. With this type of success children are also getting the right amount of sleep they need at night that makes for easier days!


Bad Dream Sprinkles come in a 20 g bottle that allows for 100 doses, which last about 2 months. For many families this is truly a great value and the all-natural sleep remedy they have been looking for to give their child the peaceful night’s sleep they need!  Get some here.